Meri & Elly’s Wedding Site

We’re getting married!!

The Big Day


Our wedding — a Civil Partnership ceremony, followed by a wedding breakfast and then an evening reception. The whole event will be semi-formal — in a shirt & tie, rather than top & tails kind of way.


Saturday 7 October 2006, starting just after 1pm. The evening reception will start around 7pm and go on until midnight.

Also if you’re able to stay until the Sunday morning, we’re going to be going to Belle & Herbs for brunch in the morning too!


The Assembly Rooms, right in the centre of Newcastle. There are directions on their site, otherwise try Google Maps.


The Bride & Bride…

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The Guests

If you’re invited, you’ll hopefully know already 🙂

If you’re a friend of ours from overseas who we’ve incorrectly assumed won’t be in the country in October, please do drop us an email 😉

Anything Else?

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