Meri & Elly’s Wedding Site

We’re getting married!!

Lil Steve & Simon

Steve taking a pic of Simon, originally uploaded by Bonza Koala.

I absolutely loved this moment. Simon had jumped up on the lamp post to help Lil Steve marshall the crowd. Steve evidently decided the photo opportunity was too good to pass up 😉

The Happy Couple

Mrs and Mrs Williams, originally uploaded by Shteve.

Our official photographer, Steve Roberts (also a good mate of ours and so referred to as Lil Steve), has posted some of the official photos on Flickr. Check ’em out.

Elly’s Gorgeous Handmade Dress

Elly dancing, originally uploaded by Shteve.

Elly made her own dress. This is the output of a couple of months worth of evenings and weekends. Stunning, isn’t it?

Hot tags

Hot tags, originally uploaded by FatBusinessman.

This is what happens when you have more than 60 geeks, many with nice cameras, attending your wedding.

I love it!

Mrs & Mrs Williams

DSC_0093_1, originally uploaded by meriwilliams.

Well, that all went swimmingly.

As you can see from the photo (note the rings!) Elly and I are now officially civil partners. Married, if you will 😉

We had an absolutely fantabulous time and we hope everyone else who managed to make it up did as well.

Belle & Herbs Breakfast

As previously mentioned, on Sunday morning (8 Oct) we’re going to be going along to Belle & Herbs for breakfast. Since they’re a bit busy on a Sunday normally, Sam (the owner) has kindly offered to open early for us. So at 9am we’re going to meet up there with anyone who’s interested and partake of the best hangover cure available in Newcastle.

For those who are interested in coming along, PLEASE leave a comment indicating that you’d like to come and how many people you’ll be bringing, just so we can help the cafe work out how much extra food and staff to order in 😉 Comments will be moderated but we’ll try get to them asap so you know you’re being counted.

Also on Upcoming:

In terms of getting to Belle and Herbs, the nearest metro station is Chillingham Road, you can check the exact location here and buses 1 & 16 definitely go past — and probably quite a few others besides.

T minus 7 Days

One week to go! All seeming just a little bit scary now, although everything (including venue, food, tableplans, flowers, cars, rings, outfits, music, ceremony readings and a whole bunch more) is under control. Last few bits and bobs to sort out, but should all be easy to manage before Friday.



We have rings!! Went up at the weekend again to Kirkharle Courtyard to collect them. Alan spent a little time matching the curve of Elly’s ring to her engagement ring so now it’s perfect. My ring is wonderfully chunky and quite luckily in white gold — otherwise I think we’d be continuing a little bit of an emerging theme

Rings and Ringbearers

We sorted a bunch of wedding stuff out today. Drove out to Kirkharle Courtyard after our meeting with the registrars to see Alan at his shop. He’s going to design us our own custom rings and all his work we’ve seen so far is absolutely beautiful, so we’re very happy.

We also had a conversation in the car about whether or not to have a ringbearer. There are lots of traditional wedding bits and bobs that we’re able to make “in or out” decisions about, given that no one is really going to expect a gay wedding to be hugely traditional 😉 We eventually decided that having a ringbearer would probably be a bad idea, especially since anyone we know with kids of the right age would be quite likely to deliver young child complete with three-quarter length green pants and artificially hair-enhanced feet


Welcome to our wedding site. Please do take a look around — the About page will tell you a little more about the intention of the site. The Big Day describes the wedding itself, with as much detail as we have at the moment. There will obviously be updates in terms of exact timings and logistics closer to the time.

If you are going to be attending, then the Travel and Accommodation pages may be of use. If you find any particularly good deals, please let us know so we can add them in!